The only star in my sky

You know what keeps me alive in the terrible days of deadly life, That only star twinkling in the sky of paradise. The same time The same place The same moment We meet daily is what I always wanna frame in my eyes. Do you think is this for real? But I think this is … Continue reading The only star in my sky

The anniversary night

It was our love anniversary I was planning to celebrate Lightened some love candles and baked a cake Plucked roses from my garden to spread in your way I hung on all our pictures with the memories, we made The sun started drowning so I get myself dressed I wore that same beautiful color which … Continue reading The anniversary night


एक रात मै भी चंदनी सी जाग़ के, उलफत के सितारे गिन रही थी। कि नज़र को एक टूटा सितारा भाया, और पलकें झुका के मैने उससे मन ही मन कुछ कह डाला। फिर कयामत यूं हुई कि दुआ कुबूल होने का इंतजार भी मैने सह डाला। शायद मंजूरियात मेरी पहले से तय थी कि … Continue reading POEM🌻

Adrian: Improve Your Wellbeing

Here's the another lesson by Adrian... With the implementation of a few simple habits, reaching a position of contentment and peace of mind becomes an easier task. Happiness isn’t always a simple quest to embark upon, but we have to start somewhere. So start here. 1. Solidify Your Sleeping Schedule Like it or not, the quality and length of … Continue reading Adrian: Improve Your Wellbeing

Jon: Traits of Emotionally Mature People

Another lesson by Jon I am sharing with you people. Hope you like it ! So let's consider the typical traits of emotionally mature people. 1. They Recognise Things Don’t Revolve Around Them According to psychologist Jean Piaget, every child below the age of 2 years old thinks the universe revolves around them — so much … Continue reading Jon: Traits of Emotionally Mature People